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Currently operating across London proving residential and commercial Services.


As Britain continues to boom in terms of economic recovery, we are vastly becoming a busier nation. A recent survey conducted by BT showed that even during our ‘rest’ time watching  TV, 78% of people multitask. Designed to effectively create more time for busy people, Smart Maid provides a platform for finding someone to pop over and clean, iron, cook, garden or fix something.

During a time when the UK is seeing new businesses springing up as productivity rises, many people feel faced with fears that families are foregoing important family time. Forced to focus on work, less time is spent with those who really matter. Enter a household assistant. They take care of trivialities such as gardening, cleaning and mending, whilst customers use the time for family bonding.

A fantastic solution to the frequent problem of finding someone at short notice, one of the key features of www.smartmaid.co.uk is that services are provided on demand.  Saving the customer the time-consuming task of seeking home help, what sets Smart Maid apart from other providers is that householders can view a potential employee’s profile, prior to engaging their services.

With a photograph, short bio and checklist, each household assistant shows their vital information to potential customers in their area via the site. Taking care of the unseen extras, such as insurance, police and criminal record checks and validating referee’s means clients can rest assured that they are getting a trustworthy person in their household.

Each UK based, professional assistant displays their qualifications on their profile; meaning the time saving starts from the get-go. Trawling through CVs or advertisements to find someone who fulfils criteria is a laborious process. Smart Maid have already done this, meaning clients simply select the service they would like and choose a household assistant.

Offering a range of packages to suit any budget, Smart Maid was designed to bridge the gap between the want to clean the home and the need to carry out other tasks.With humble beginnings in London, the managing director hopes to expand the service UK wide and encourages applications from household assistants wanting to work for Smart Maid. Smart Maid is not limited to householders with families we provide services for anyone. From gardening to end-of-tenancy house cleaning services, any number of services may be booked online; making the service easy to use.